Hey there everyone! Welcome to my modest little cel gallery. This gallery begain with my obsession with the uber-kawaii cabbit we all know and love, Ryo-Ohki! I started collecting cels of her awhile ago and my collection has since spread out to cover other cute and cool characters from shows such as Tenshi Ni Narumon, Kenshin, Ceres, and others.

As of now, none of these cels are for offers, as my collection is still pretty small and I'm not currently hurting for funds ^_^ However, if you are ever looking to sell any Ohki cels, pleeeeeease let me know. Other than that, enjoy!

News & Updates

9/7/2004My TNN Sarah cel has been sold to a wonderful collector that made me a good offer. It was sad to see her go, but I know that she's in a good home. Check out the cel for more info. But with the loss came a gain, as I got a new Ohki cel, which I need to get off my lazy butt and scan into my PC. I'll try to get it posted soon.
2/19/2004All current cels uploaded. w00t!
2/16/2004Bast_Imret's Ohki Cels! (And Others Too) now open.

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Ceres (2) 2/18/2004
Mis-cel-aneous (8) 2/18/2004
Tenchi Muyo (8) 2/16/2004
Tenshi Ni Narumon (3) 2/16/2004

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